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Project Name:**Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.

**Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
Project Introduction:

A Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. is a waste incineration power plant. It is equipped with a set of cooling circulating water system with a circulation volume of 2000-2500m3/h. The supplementary water quality of the system is river water near the power plant, and the leachate is treated to produce water.

The main problems of the project: bacteria and algae reproduction, slime, and water quality are complicated

Project operation control results: the system has been operating stably throughout the year, the bacteria, algae and slime are basically controlled, and the terminal difference is stable at about 7℃

Serial numberProjectSystem parameters
Circulating water volume (m3/h)


2Water retention m34000
3System equipment materialCarbon steel, copper, stainless steel
4Types of water treatment chemicalsCorrosion and scale inhibitor, bactericidal algicide, slime stripper

Before dealing with project issues

After the project problem is solved


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On both sides of the system, the column bacteria and algae have been basically controlled. By adding a cake-like oxidizing fungicide, the concentration of the agent has been controlled, which greatly suppressed the growth of the bacteria and algae.